Interviewing Tips

Review the company’s website and job specifications, if they are available.

Carefully review directions to be sure you know where you are going. Do a trial drive, if possible. Arrive ten minutes early.

Bring a few copies of your resume, a pen and at least two business references: Managers/superiors to whom you reported and who are familiar with your work (name, title, company, phone number).

Always fill out any paperwork or application completely, regardless of the fact that you have a resume.

Dress in professional business attire, a business suit being the preferred attire (even today, with the business casual culture). Perfume is not advised.

Cell phones should be turned off.

Prepare without rehearsing. It is very important to be prepared without sounding rehearsed. Mentally freshen up on your responses to possible questions that you may be asked. Think about your job related accomplishments – current and past responsibilities and contributions to projects on which you may have worked (with a team and independently).

You may be asked these questions: Why should I hire you? What interests you about our firm? What are you looking for in a job/company? Where do you see yourself in five years? What didn’t you like in your past job responsibilities? What are your weaknesses and/or strengths? Learn to put a positive spin on the answers to negative questions.

Some important points: Always come from a positive perspective, not a negative one. Do not complain about previous responsibilities, bosses, situations. Do smile and look happy. Do not be shy to show your extreme interest in the position/company. A firm handshake shows confidence.

When asked if you have any questions, even though the interviewer(s) may have been very thorough, it is still suggested that asking questions shows your interest. Do not ask questions about compensation and benefits unless initiated by the interviewer.

Last, but not least: Call us right after your interview so we can discuss it and follow-up for you! 973-267-9595, Ext. 1.

Note: Thank you letters should be sent within 24 hours.